Monday, July 31, 2006

The Comfortable Civilization (I)

by abhigyan jha

Moments pass
Sorrows pass
People pass away -
Every time spawns its men
And every cycle
Its civilization;
This one's so comfortable
You would want it to last a while.

We’re so lucky.
With our markets for
Multimedia melancholy -
And managers
To make the masses
With macros
Or micros
And keep
The scales of margins safe.

Ah, there are disasters
And those Manic Mondays
But relax
There’s insurance too
Mediclaim and Social Security
To keep
The sagging spirit afloat.

There are ghettoes
To look down upon
For relief there's the sky-
Scrapers to dwarf the eye –

Its a fine place to be
Finer than ever before
Everything's new, improved
All that glitters
Is all that gold.
The heaters keep winters warm
And we've all but forgotten the cold -
But there's something I've
Known a while
Maybe its time for you to know
The chocolate always melts
Sooner than the snow.


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