Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Last Turnaround

(I was planning to post this later. But as things are ghoing exactly as I have predicted in private conversations and emails for more than 3-4 years, I think it must serve the purposes of as many as possible. I was able to benefit from the following analysis in 2007 and am benefiting now as well.)

The markets are turning around. Particularly in India. The world will turn around too. For the next 18 months, the markets will shoot up again. Everyone will forget the gloom and doom. The stimulus packages would seem to have worked. And then when you least expect it, the markets will crash for the last time.
There will be no turnaround after that.
The banks will be gone forever. Currencies will meld into one. An aera will pass. And all of you who think this is crazy is the pattern...
The first recent crash happened in 1987. 13 years later, the markets melted in the dot com bubble. A lot of bailouts happened in 2000-2001. Then the marjets recovered sharply and it lasted exactly 1/2 of 13 years. 6.5 years. That brought us to 2007-2008. And again the markets crashed. Again bigger bailouts happened. The markets have started recovering sharply again. This time the half life can max be 3.25 years. Which is sometime in late 2011-2013.
If you then expect a recovery after even bigger bailouts, then the recovery will last just about a year the markets will crash before they can recover. And lose all sense. A new paradigm needs to be found. Like all empires near the end of their reign...the last kings rule for shorter and shorter time. So it is with the rule of these markets. The reign is nearing its end.
Enjoy the last turnaround.
And get ready to welcome a golden era of True Change.

p.s. i recommend (but you might have even better ideas, in which case please keep me posted):

1. buy a piece of land - far, far away from any city. preferably with adequate rainfall and sunlight.
2. instal one of the small solar energy solutions which can keep one light, one fan and a cooker going forever at an investment of Rs.4000/- or so. now. later it might be the most expensive thing around.
3. Liquidate everything you have by JUne 2011. if you have a decent networth now, you might consider doing it rightaway instead of trying to time the Systems Crash. and then don't hold it in cash. exchange almost all the cash for land, Gold and Necessities including water. these will be more expensive than anything else.
4. Teach your children about alternate ways of living and to do without comforts for a while. I expect the world to return to a New System within 5 years. BUt these 5 years will be hell if you are not prepared and you might not survive for 5 years if you are stuck anywhere in a city when the thing happens.
5. get hold of as many books as possible. your children will need them to stay educated. don't forget a copy of Das Capital. Mr.Marx might have a lot to do with what happens next. So also Atlas Shrugged. Mr.Rand will also have a lot to do with what happens next. And a copy of the US constitution as written by the founding fathers. For Jefferson too will have a lot to do with what Ssytem is built next. Other than this books on quantum physics, chaos theory, computation and electronics will come in handy. not to mention mechanics and basic engineering and automation. don't forget fairytales. you wil need the escapism.
6. forget the DVDs. you will need electricity to play them. and electricity might take 5 years to return. you see why books are better than DVDs? they work at all times. and they never ever waste your money on lithium.
7. Learn some for of hand to hand combat. I personally will not be doing this so i will be counting on you for my safety. :) You might need guns also. but i will not recommend it.
8. Learn some meditative techniques. It will be a good time to practice your spirituality.
9. Learn swimming. I will. It's a dangerous thing to not know swimming when the water is upto your neck and everything is drowning.
10. Learn a little about Ayurveda, get a book, collect the herbs and the medicines. be ready to live without pills. good news is these things are cheap and can be quickly assembled (at the moment) to treat every disease.

Good Luck. And Hope you do take all the precautions just in case I am right.

May the Galactic Spirit make the Great Chaos withstandable and short. less than 1 year will be agreeable. :)

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Blogger Nan said...

Funny you should mention this in your blog posting. I have been saying the same things for quite a while now and my family is thinking I'm sort of conspiracy/new world order/ illuminati freakazoid. I bought 2 books son Survival techniques and I also hope the changeover will be short and bearable.


11:40 AM  
Blogger abhigyan said...

hah should see the wider discussion on facebook that this post sparked. i am not much good with survival techniques BTW so i guess i'll have to seek your help.

mrinal and i are conversely trying to buy land in usa and scotland. not only is land cheaper there - water is far more abundant. a property with a lake thrown in looks ike what we want. we almost bought one before the bank in USA said they want 40 % down payment.

7:37 AM  

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