Friday, May 11, 2012

How Amir Khan's Satyamev Jayate is basically the same as Palash sen's Satyameva Jayate, done years ago of course

Here's the brilliant explanation of Plagiarist Amir Khan's Plagiarism by Jay Hind! Scrubber Band's lead guitarist Bali. 
In his words : i have been hearing from a few people about the Satyamev Jayte Tune controversy:

so lets get into the theory and figure it out :)
the notes for the for aamir khan's version composed by Ram Sampat is 
E D E F# G 

so the song is basically in E minor Scale ( notes of E minor scale E F# G A B C D E)

2. the notes for Euphorias tune is

G# F# G#
G# F# G#
G# F# G# A# B

now this song is in G# Minor scale( notes of G#M are (G# A# B C# D# E F# G#)

bcoz of the B note both the songs although in MINOR KEY but different scales follow the same intervals like

Tone Tone

Tone Tone

Tone Tone Tone Semitone

if u play the chords, u might feel that both the songs are different coz of unique vocal character sung by both the singers

chords for Aamir's version is Em G and Euphoria is G#m B

but if u play the tune on any instrument without the chords in the background u will notice that it has same intervals and are basically the same tune : which brings to a conclusion that Aamir Khan loses here and Palash sen might win the case...

Moral of the story : Every single note of Music can make you a millionaire :)

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